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Chronology of Rookgaard (1997 - 2000) [english version]

Autor Wiadomość
Dark Gladir
Użytkownik roku 2017

Level: 44

Reputacja: 11

Nick: Dark Gladir
Poziom: 123
Profesja: Rookstayer
Świat: Peloria
Status: Aktywny gracz

Post: #1
Chronology of Rookgaard (1997 - 2000) [english version]

[Obrazek: jLgxumM.gif] Chronology of Rookgaard [Obrazek: jLgxumM.gif]

1997 - 2000

[Obrazek: Ksl6Qzk.gif]

The Soulvortex

In the ancient times, gods created a great vortex, to allow the souls of spirits from 'beyond' enter the realm of Tibia.
Dark forces used the portal to spread over Tibia and to annoy, disrupt and subvert the brave people of the world, slaying new manifested souls as soon as they left the vortex.

[Obrazek: KkMmrrE.png]
First temple in Tibia - version 1.0

The gods watched in grief what had become of their great accomplishment. And one day Uman and Banor combined their awesome forces and split the vortex.One strand now aimed to the isle of rookgaard, the other one remained aimed on the temple of Thais.

[Obrazek: 02Z6B9w.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 02Z6B9w.gif]

From this day on the newborn heroes awakened on the holy and protected isle of rookgaard and only the stronger and better prepared souls could travel to the continent.

28.10.1997 - Tibia 3.0 / 20.05.1998 - Tibia 4.0

Creation of Rookgaard

The exact creation date of Rookgaard (it wasn't named yet) is not known, but it was created after the enlargement of the tibian map from 160 x 160 square meters to 512 x 512. That change occured on 28.10.1997, along with the update to version 3.0.

[Obrazek: ukAyYzU.png]
Welcome screen 3.0

Vocations, skills, magic, depot and post system were introduced in the first quarter of 1998, so it's probable that at this time Roogaard was created aswell.
It's also possible, that the island was created along with the 3.0 update - which would partially explain the enlargement of the map, although it's not ruled out that it occured just before 4.0 update.

[Obrazek: jjsW2Xj.jpg]
Welcome window 4.0

[Obrazek: 9oBlNad.png]
Unhabitated Rookgaard in year 1997 or 1998

[Obrazek: h9MCmdd.png]
Rookgaard against the Tibia 4.0 background (20.05.1998)

17.03.2000 - Tibia 5.2

Introduction of town, NPCs, monsters, mountains and caves

As Knightmare - creator of Rookgaard remembers, the main reason behind creating the beginners' island was unpunished killing of the new players, by second characters of more experienced players.

[Obrazek: 3Wv3LPH.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: BgjtBzN.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: k1Cu95Y.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mX2mZjI.gif]

Second reason, was unbalanced system of equipment progression on the mainland. Low leveled player could easily find a good equipment laying on the ground, or get it from higher leveled players, who couldn't sell it in the shop. With such gear, monsters, which would be challenging for him, became negligible.

[Obrazek: pyzfgqg.gif] Etymology [Obrazek: Iy2PkRe.gif]

"Rook" - reffers to a "rookie"

"Gaard" - reffers to a word from various scandinavian and pregermanic languages - "gard" - meaning a garden, corral, primitive hut, a farm or a land.

[Obrazek: G0gmDk2.gif]

The reason behind "gaard" in the name of the island is probably the Isengard - one of the fortresses of Gondor, from a novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien - "Lord of The Rings", which the creator of Rookgaard was fan of.

[Obrazek: VHk4bLW.png]
First map of Rookgaard after introduction of town

History of the discovery of the soulvortex and building the town

Guided by omens an expedition of brave warriors from the thaian order of the knights of Noodles traveled the perillious seas the the remote isle of rookgaardand discovered the new soulvortex.
King Tibianus encouraged salesmen from Thais to move their buisnesses on the beginners' island.
Soon this base was built and this fine academy founded.

[Obrazek: LJRWZEx.gif]

Spoiler: Creation date of the town
Creation date of the town was given by a CipSoft member, although there is no mention of that occurence in the news archive, since the oldest archived news is from 03.11.2000.

[Obrazek: 5B5beNe.png]
Spoiler: The town and it's inhabiants
[Obrazek: DYcn2AW.png]

1. Cipfried [Obrazek: xtjie7K.gif]
Monk, an apprentice of Quentin from Thais. The name reffers to "CIP" - creators of the game.

2. Obi [Obrazek: cLkQeBO.gif]
A blacksmith, an armourer and a tool merchant, cousin of Sam from Thais.
The greediest person on Rookgaard. He dislikes Hyacinth a great deal, because he doesn't share his income from selling lifefluids.
The name Obi probably reffers to a chain of stores "OBI", similarly to other Rookgaard NPC names in the future, which will receive names of popular store chains.

3. Seymour [Obrazek: 2qyRzHx.gif]
Supervisor of the academy and a teacher. He wishes to be promoted, so he could leave Rookgaard and work in the castle in Thais. Other citizens don't have a high opinion of him.
Spoiler: First look of the academy
Training room

In order to get to the training room on the level -3, you had to buy a key #4600 from Seymour for 5 gold pieces to unlock the door on level -1. Then go down to -2 and teleport through the wall, in order to get to the room, in which 4 levers were located. Each lever opened different wall, which blocked 4 monsters - a bug, a wolf, a troll and a spider.

[Obrazek: RUFQRMT.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: LvLBeC5.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: QnHejaZ.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: rr5bveq.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: gPGY3Wq.gif]

Learning spells

Before Rookgaard was released for players, magic was taught, but the youth was undisciplined and casted transfiguration spells (change of the apperance) on other students, so the staff decided that magic will be taught on main continent, starting with light spell and healing.

[Obrazek: 5Cg7mL5.png]

4. Amber [Obrazek: rIHcWuz.gif]
Beautiful adventurer. She came on Rookgaard out of her free will (with a raft), unlike some of the other citizens.
For couple of months she was imprisoned by orcs and learned their language, which she can teach you, so you can talk to the blind orc.

5. Willie [Obrazek: j3S1LPF.gif]
Farmer and a cook. He hates Obi, who wants to take over his food buisness.

6. Dallheim [Obrazek: zKwrgGx.gif]
Town guard. He's highly respected by the other citizens.
There was no level requirement to pass the town bridge.

7. Hyacinth [Obrazek: tRVDyah.gif]
Druid-alchemist, at that time the only lifefluid seller. Friend of Cipfried, he used to live in the town (before the players appeared on the island).

8. Blind Orc [Obrazek: Fbbu6y1.gif]
A blacksmith and an armourer, he sells equipment. He doesn't speak human language.

Spoiler: 9. Pleasure Island
So called "Pleasure Island" was secluded place, that allowed rookstayers to take a break from newbies asking for free items.

[Obrazek: J9wzHIf.gif]

Entrance to the tunnel that led to the isle, was located in semi-hidden spot, right under the city wall, on the left side of the barn.

[Obrazek: gglvSJP.png]

[Obrazek: ZOD74d0.png]

[Obrazek: 93Prjmq.gif]
Comparsion of the maps - before and after settlement
Spoiler: Welcome window
[Obrazek: YNupENO.png]
Welcome window 5.2
Spoiler: Character creation window
Character creation didn't take place on the website, but in the game window.
There weren't male and female outfits and the colors were limited - individual outfit parts had specific colors assigned to them.

[Obrazek: VRAbhVM.gif][Obrazek: M0DGelS.gif][Obrazek: ohNwtkS.gif][Obrazek: TwXLq35.gif][Obrazek: CCO4HGx.gif][Obrazek: u9VNfzp.gif][Obrazek: H0dY5VF.gif][Obrazek: Qj8tTYI.gif][Obrazek: 0f4jYM5.gif][Obrazek: yAnmZLm.gif][Obrazek: OdKAAMl.gif]

[Obrazek: 8rcH1l6.gif][Obrazek: SphYiOz.gif][Obrazek: Q6LKeUA.gif][Obrazek: RM7ZKA7.gif][Obrazek: OqgOrbJ.gif][Obrazek: KFN7Zzd.gif][Obrazek: 96Zjhyb.gif][Obrazek: Oql4e4E.gif][Obrazek: 57vPYDr.gif][Obrazek: rk9poFH.gif][Obrazek: 7h8UXbC.gif]

[Obrazek: v2yNJHg.gif][Obrazek: DVXQHRs.gif][Obrazek: PrKgSio.gif][Obrazek: iqgtDi5.gif][Obrazek: ATpiNzs.gif][Obrazek: QQ45ivo.gif][Obrazek: j7vuWFs.gif][Obrazek: 4FrydOr.gif][Obrazek: jnSfrtt.gif][Obrazek: E3WJc4Z.gif][Obrazek: L5j4fed.gif]

[Obrazek: ngHmcRa.gif][Obrazek: v0N3QTq.gif][Obrazek: 8qnytYl.gif][Obrazek: fcZoFEN.gif][Obrazek: rkxyWdo.gif][Obrazek: 9a24EJs.gif][Obrazek: Fvl2gjz.gif][Obrazek: oiLFQis.gif][Obrazek: G2HNk2m.gif][Obrazek: Fn8vF6M.gif][Obrazek: T5b7Xtw.gif]

[Obrazek: nzgQrkv.png]

Unlike a limited color variety of the outfits, it's name was almost not restricted at all. Length of the name could not exceed 30 cases, which consisted of numbers, umlauts, punctuation marks and a row of capital letters.

[Obrazek: dFijW4v.png]

Example of a name, which could theoretically be created:
..DR. RÖÖK - G'Ä'Ä'R'D, 2000..

Names with numbers, punctuation marks, a row of captal letters (except the roman numerals XVI) and capital letters following the lowercase (SpeedyR), were namelocked most probably with the 7.2 update in december of 2003.

Names with peroids, apostrophes, dashes, umlauts and roman numerals were unchanged, and some of them (apostrophe and a dash) could be created even in the following years:

Tibia Favicon Mr. Kill
Tibia Favicon Rookguardian de'Bove
Tibia Favicon Dude-o
Tibia Favicon Kolskägg
Tibia Favicon Lulle XVI
Spoiler: Character description
Description of a character without a profession - "Grandmaster Newbie", will be changed to "No Vocation" in some update between 6.1 and 6.9.

[Obrazek: 0ZGwbYg.png]
Spoiler: Game window and starting equipment
[Obrazek: 9Y90WlR.png]

Starting equipment

[Obrazek: vBcerq1.gif] club[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: EN0kXpZ.gif] bag[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mnKfTiS.gif] torch[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: tHdc1pM.gif] red apple

[Obrazek: GCnUZT7.gif] jacket (male character)[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Rx8tWqO.gif] coat (female character)

Basic character info

[Obrazek: 9gsI3ok.png]

H - Health
M - Mana
C - Capacity
A - Ammunition

Letter abbreviations in the bottom right corner of the screen showed the amout of hitpoints, mana, capacity and ammunition - spears and arrows (there was no space for arrows in the equipment window, so they were kept in the backpack). A character on level 1 could carry 350 oz., which is 50 oz. less than today.

[Obrazek: 7uF2bYU.png]

Information bar

In the left bottom corner - under the chat window, an information bar was placed, which showed all kinds of informations - received damage, online player records, last login, etc.

[Obrazek: XgWlUsK.png]

[Obrazek: 6GJ9L4L.png]

[Obrazek: dFijW4v.png]

[Obrazek: Ed9hDa7.png]

[Obrazek: 0mN0dqc.png]

[Obrazek: 7DrK0AX.png]

[Obrazek: Q2wyCsK.png]

Health status of other players and monsters

Health statur of other players and monsters was visible not in the graphic form, as we know it today (health bar), but in a text form. It was devided to 7 stages.

[Obrazek: DlwAD85.png]


barely wounded

lightly wounded

heavily wounded


nearly dead

(up to about 2 seconds after player's / monster's death, the character was still visible in the battle window)

Side panel options

[Obrazek: OLB4in6.png] Inventory[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mZOFsJ4.png] Skills[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mAr76hr.png] Battle list[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: HcuBLeX.png] Map

[Obrazek: VYRpoZW.gif]

[Obrazek: nr63eBe.png] Offensive attack[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: v46PG2X.png] Balanced attack[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: OiALHqO.png] Defensive attack

[Obrazek: R6wvS1W.png] Follow the opponent[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: qhvrZPG.png] Still fight

[Obrazek: TvkRqpC.png] Distance fighting option allowed keeping the distance of 2 sqm from the opponent automatically while attacking. That option did not work as intended, because your character stopped for a second every time you shot an arrow, letting the monster catch up and hit you. It was completly useless while using a bow.

Chat window

[Obrazek: 1ylRGqz.png]

It was possible to use chinese alphabet, because part of the players at that time came from China (mostly Hong-Kong). For example Tibia Favicon Bubble - the first person to reach level 100 and 200 in Tibia.

[Obrazek: ioPa65n.png]

Black Arial was the font of regular messages, visible in the chat window, while the same message in the game window appeared yellow Times New Roman font. It was possible to ignore players (max. 8) with a command "#I Nick" and unignoring them with "#U Nick".

There were 4 text colors, and each one was assigned to specific type of message:

Black - color of regular messages, received by any player in sight.

Blue - private messages. Despite lack of other channels than default, it was possible to communicate on a distance. All you had to do is add the recipient's name in between astries before the message *Fire Fox Fire* Feels bad man..., and he would reveive it in a blue color.

It was not neccessary though, to add the name before each private message, or even paste it (ctrl+c / ctr+v), because the name of the recipient stayed on the typing bar after each sent message.

It was also possible to use abbreviations while typing a recipients names, by adding tilde (~) behind the name: *Fire~* Hi =], but if there were 2 players with the same first part of the name, e.g. Fire Fox Fire and Fire Rookgaardian, we had to extend the name to Fire F~.

Grey - broadcast. A spell ("exisa mas" - unavailable for players with no vocation), allowing sending messages that was visible by any online player. Messages sent this way were reaching also players on Rookgaard.

Red - color of advances, deaths and Gamemasters' broadcasts.

In the following years, 2 other colors will be introduced - pink (guild chat) and green (informations about this color are contradictory).
Spoiler: Quest system
In the begining on Rookgaard, quest items were possible to be gathered multiple times by the same player, and respawned at least 3 times a day, during the automatic map clean (similarly to a poison arrow on minotaur hell today).

[Obrazek: DNTG1jW.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: RUFQRMT.gif]

Some of the quest items appeared less frequently than other, for instance - silver key #4601, which could be collected after a map reset (similarly to pot and urine today) in the wolves' body, that lied in the place of the table, near chain armor quest.
Map reset occurs during major updates, and at that time they were way more frequent than these days, so the rare key was respawning once around few weeks.

[Obrazek: Dyz4SwO.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mtZQAmS.gif]

Many quest items, e.g. chain amor, appeared on the ground, and not in the chest or any other container.

[Obrazek: TwbTscL.gif]

There was no sewer gate in the bear room, leading to the tunnel, so the players that didn't have the key could be locked inside.

[Obrazek: fpFtxzp.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: e5TcST1.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: codSGpK.gif]

It was possible to move dragon's corpse, and after x hours a new one appeared, in which we could find another copper shield and legion helmet.

[Obrazek: oKfMJzv.png]
The screenshot shows first dragon corpse dragged in to town, by players Ian McFinnley and Narandra Greenhill. It was taken around a week after Rookgaard was created.
Spoiler: Trading system
There was no safe trading system, therefore each transaction carried a risk of theft, which was common thing among low leveled players.

[Obrazek: 4uCZ39k.jpg]
Spoiler: Respawn system
At that time (and for several consecutive years) there was so called double respawn, which allowed a monster to duplicate itself, when the previous one - lured by a player - left it's spawn.

When there was no players in the monster's sight, he stopped moving, so the monsters lured under the ladder/stairs stayed there, until someone pushed one of them away and ran away, luring them away from the ladder.

It was cumbersome, because each visit to minotaur hell without killing the monsters, resulted in their multiplying. At some point the quest became unsolvable for low leveled players.

[Obrazek: MiZGmUA.png]

Damage dealt by players depended on weapon atk. and skills, which made a fight with a minotaur really long, even for seasoned rookers.

Damage system worked this way until 2007, when player's level was taken under consideration, which increased monster killing by several-fold.
Spoiler: Rope system and traps
In year 2000 there was no limit while roping monsters on higher levers, which allowed building traps, in which we were attacked by 20 minotaur and 80 orcs (because of double respawn).

[Obrazek: khgQ2nv.gif]

Monsters could not walk diagonally, they also did not disappear lured from the furthest parts of the map, which made luring 8 rotworms under the town bridge possible.

[Obrazek: C66ZjF6.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: SQUaAwq.gif]

Next potential danger was weak roping system. In a situation, when a player went down the hole and found himself surrounded by monsters, he couldn't get out, because he stood on a rope spot, and in those times if you wanted to rope youself, the rope spot had to be empty (no item, monster or player standing on it).

[Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif]

When someone made such trap, it was also possible for another player (trapers' helper) to go down the hole, so the trapped person could not heal themselves.
Traper, who went down the hole, appeared "on top" of a trapped player, and when he tried to drink a lifefluid, it spilt on the ground (it was not possible to use items with hotkeys).

[Obrazek: oCQtcWn.gif] = [Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif][Obrazek: bJmqPmz.gif]

We need to emphasize, that even if the trapped player could drink lifefluids, it wouldn't make much difference, because fluids used til year 2008 added just 10-60 hitpoints and costed 55 gp (after selling the vial), which made them almost 8 times less efficient than todays small health potions, which cost 15 gp and add 60-90 hp.

[Obrazek: 3Wv3LPH.gif]

After victim's death, a person standing on the same spot, had to be roped by another player, standing on higher level, otherwise he would also be in danger.
Roping someone/something from a higher level was possible even if the ropespot was trashed. It is important to stress, that player's death was entailed with loss every item in the character's inventory.

[Obrazek: B8raDot.gif]

On the mainland that kind of trap was called "UH trap" - after the name of the Ultimate Healing rune - which victims unsuccessfully tried to use. They were left with healing spells and magic rope, unlike rookgaardians.

[Obrazek: ksoiHXi.jpg]
Example of an UH trap on mainland
Spoiler: Gameplay video
Movement of the characters had no animation, unlike some of the monsters. Animated monsters never stopped moving, even when they were blocked.

This video was captured on the mainland
Spoiler: Borrowed graphics
Large amount of graphics, used from version 1.0 - 5.9 was "borrowed" from a game Ultima VI: The False Prophet (1990).

Some of the "borrowed" graphics:

[Obrazek: jIWa2yv.gif] chain helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: hRtpEyG.gif] wooden shield[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: ZpUdXuw.gif] leather boots

[Obrazek: RUFQRMT.gif] silver key[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: EN0kXpZ.gif] bag[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Iy2PkRe.gif] book[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Sgh1Z9M.gif] vial

[Obrazek: NHwnTaZ.gif] meat[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: AKW3jv8.gif] bread[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: IjvzcY1.gif] draw well

[Obrazek: EeRUQ1r.png]
Ultima VI game window

Ultima VI gameplay video
Spoiler: Scroll editing window
In that time, date and editor's name was not visible on the scrolls.
It was changed in year 2006, although the date and name on the scrolls edited before that time is still not there. They can be considered a rare item.

[Obrazek: V3zAh3r.png]
Spoiler: Monsters
[Obrazek: TEE0YWR.gif] deer[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: rD41XjC.gif] rat[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: UMxfOpN.gif] snake[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: gPGY3Wq.gif] spider

[Obrazek: QnHejaZ.gif] wolf[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: rr5bveq.gif] troll[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 0qg32A3.gif] poison spider[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 2ME17K2.gif] skeleton

[Obrazek: TwbTscL.gif] bear[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: OREWfQr.gif] orc[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: khgQ2nv.gif] rotworm

Spoiler: millennium bug
Pierwotna nazwa robaka (bug), to millenium bug [Obrazek: LvLBeC5.gif]
First name of a bug was millenium bug, it originates from a computer date bug, that occured on 01.01.2000.

The Year 2000 problem, also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or Y2K, is a class of computer bugs related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates beginning in the year 2000.

[Obrazek: F3R6YhX.png]

The bug was introduced to the game in year 2000, most probably along with the introduction of the newbie island - as one of the old players remembers.
Some time after that, the name was changed to one we know today.
Spoiler: minotaur
Originally cyclops [Obrazek: riV5zGN.gif] were supposed to live on Rookgaard, but their strength was increased before the town was created and because of that they were replaced with minotaurs [Obrazek: SvOAo4i.gif].

[Obrazek: vlggWzq.png]
The screenshot was taken on main continent.
Spoiler: orc spearman
Orc spearman [Obrazek: r5iFOLz.gif] could be spotted around the orc hell area.

[Obrazek: Css7wro.jpg]
Spoiler: ghoul (inaccessible)
Before 7.0 update, ghoul [Obrazek: LHStxGV.gif] possessed an ability to disappear, although he was still noticeable in the battle window.

[Obrazek: zOf9OqK.png]
Screenshot was taken on the mainland.

In the following years, his invisibility spell initiated false rumours about him disappearing from the bricked up chamber entirely.

[Obrazek: 9KwuBDY.jpg]
Quest room of version 6.0 or older. There are no available screenshots of that place from previous versions, when ghoul had it's original sprite.

During the building of the wall inside the katana room quest, many brave men had died, but the most deserving ones, who probably finished the wall, were Urbat Afgars, Kendram Benson and Polgan Bonecrusher, whom graves lead to the quest room.

[Obrazek: tnbwiH8.gif][Obrazek: tnbwiH8.gif][Obrazek: tnbwiH8.gif]
[Obrazek: L9TfxEw.gif][Obrazek: L9TfxEw.gif][Obrazek: L9TfxEw.gif]
[Obrazek: L9TfxEw.gif][Obrazek: L9TfxEw.gif][Obrazek: L9TfxEw.gif]

It is possible, that Polgan Bonecrusher was a relative of 4 female guards of Carlin, who have the same last name. Teir names are: Bunny Bonecrusher, Busty Bonecrusher, Bambi Bonecrusher and Blossom Bonecrusher.

Player: Bonecrusher.
Blossom Bonecrusher: The Bonecrusher family had been serving the army of Carlin for generations.

If Polgan was related to them, it's probable that he also belonged to the army, but not the Carlin one, because that city was built after his death.
As most of the warriors who came on Rookgaard, also he, was most probably member of a thaian order of the knights of Noodles.
Spoiler: minotaur mage (inaccessible)
Minotaur mage [Obrazek: QtwFJLS.gif] locked himself in his chambers. NPC Avar Tar claims, that he's locked, because he's scared of him.

Avar Tar: I heard that after all these years, the minotaur mage there refuses to leave his room as he is still afraid of me.

We can learn more about the minotaurs' activities on Rookgaard from a report of the minotaur in command:

[Obrazek: XEe6tYt.gif]

The mystic portal remains unstable so reinforcements from Mintwallin seldom
arrive here. The royal mage managed to impress the primitive local orcs though and we can use them as slaves and runefodder. The trolls surrendered immediately and
can be used for lesser services.

[Obrazek: OREWfQr.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: rr5bveq.gif]

The human base has to be destroyed since more and more arrive there. These enemies are not strong but their number might cause some problems. As long as they will be revived at this mystic vortex even they can ruin our plans. We have to figure out how to destroy the vortex first.

[Obrazek: 02Z6B9w.gif]

The mage locked himself up in his quarters and wants not to be disturbed anymore. He entrusted me with the duty to coordinate all our actions here.

[Obrazek: BZ3vVF6.png]
Spoiler: Equipment

[Obrazek: 0JKtHc7.gif] leather helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: XuuekMo.gif] studded helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: jIWa2yv.gif] chain helmet

[Obrazek: 5C9FHTz.gif] brass helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: J0XozJ4.gif] viking helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: codSGpK.gif] legion helmet


[Obrazek: 9NRkM1z.gif] bronze amulet [Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: edrJGVd.gif] silver amulet


[Obrazek: M3zbwBk.gif] jacket[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: NrbdAek.gif] coat[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: llbPAuy.gif] doublet

[Obrazek: C8l7G4V.gif] leather armor[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: C7vrrHA.gif] studded armor[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mtZQAmS.gif] chain armor

Spoiler: brass armor

There are a lot of rumours about brass armor [Obrazek: VLc3Nvc.gif], that allegedly was obtainable from a minotaur for a short time after Rookgaard was created. Source of this gossip were some of the older players, who didn't specify at what time such items were lootable from particular monster (and that was before Rookgaard was opened for players) or old tibian websited, on which the armor appreared in minotaur's loot.

[Obrazek: g533VQy.png]

The rumour was fueled by the fact, that Obi (throughout the years) was purchasing the brass armor for 150 gold pieces.

[Obrazek: OnuThwP.png]

Possibility of selling the armor to Obi, was most probably part of the minotaur mage myth, suggesting, that it's possible to enter his quarters. In the following years (until year 2008 or later), his niece - Dixi, offered purchase of the brass armor.

[Obrazek: QtwFJLS.gif]

As old players confirm - that information was overinterpreted, because some of the items possible to loot from monsters in 1998, were not obtainable in year 2000.
Creator of Rookgaard - Knightmare, is also confirming changing the monsters' loot while creating map of Rookgaard. Other example of it is a rotworm - it the past, it used to drop a morning star.

[Obrazek: KJ68x3T.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: SvOAo4i.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: V87TEPb.gif]

Before beginners' island was opened for players, it was possible to loot 2 other items from a minotaur - a morning star and a battle shield.

[Obrazek: yiHoQNb.png]

[Obrazek: f0XKLOk.png]
Morning star (german Morgenstern)


[Obrazek: elFJP5X.gif] leather legs[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: xcpACb4.gif] studded legs


[Obrazek: ZpUdXuw.gif] leather boots


[Obrazek: hRtpEyG.gif] wooden shield[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 9uzvCuE.gif] studded shield[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: HvYcfqd.gif] brass shield

[Obrazek: MjTWVxw.gif] plate shield[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: fpFtxzp.gif] copper shield

Spoiler: brass shield
Red lion on a yellow background of the brass shield [Obrazek: HvYcfqd.gif] is inspired by the emblem of one of the countries, but it's not known which one, because it apprered on many coats of arms througout the centuries.

[Obrazek: Z1l6Ch6.gif]
Spoiler: plate shield
Original look of the plate shield [Obrazek: MjTWVxw.gif] was inspired by a roman shield from the antiquity. It wasn't plate though, but wooden.

[Obrazek: 1wkeKLV.png]


[Obrazek: MAhCswa.gif] combat knife[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: hhJ9cmp.gif] dagger[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: h92GwAH.gif] rapier[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: wTwbMOl.gif] short sword

[Obrazek: ZIm0lNX.gif] machete[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: JqcwTnc.gif] sabre[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 9mJdSP0.gif] sword[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: buHa1hN.gif] katana


[Obrazek: vBcerq1.gif] club[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: ns1j1Tx.gif] scythe[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: FuXhaKq.gif] mace


[Obrazek: QrP8xDC.gif] scikle[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: vVGD6p7.gif] hand axe[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: JdbMgz3.gif] axe[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: VrFID03.gif] hatchet

Distance weapons

[Obrazek: rTzvID2.gif] bow[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: P5LoqLV.gif] arrow[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: hy0NUJv.gif] poison arrow

[Obrazek: bEXnPmD.gif] spear (atk. 30)[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: CPRFgrI.gif] small stone

Spoiler: Spear
Spears [Obrazek: bEXnPmD.gif] in that time fell on the ground after each throw and they never broke.

Gamemasters [Obrazek: cmp1CgN.gif] were divided to Rookgaard GMs and Mainland GMs
(they were unable to teleport yet)

Spoiler: Gamemasters of Rookgaard
In addition to the standard blue gamemaster outfit, there was also another one, less often used - red. CIP members wore regular outfits, available for players ("CIP" received second part - "soft" after introduction of premium accounts in year 2001).

[Obrazek: cmp1CgN.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: RqPnXpi.gif]

First Rookgaard GMs:
Algol[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Arwen[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Caldera[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Ender Speaker for the Dead

Helios[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]ImaNewbie[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Kahl[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Rimun[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Schneff

Selrahc[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Seymour[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Taib[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif]Undine

[Obrazek: ooYTcCz.png]
Future GM - Ender Speaker for the Dead before existance of Rookgaard

Spoiler: Screnshot of the news
[Obrazek: Dkfg5v0.png]
News comes from forum, which was moderated also by GMs and CIP members (Knightmare)

Creating demo version ("Tibia II") for new players was considered, which would offer just the beginners' island
Spoiler: Screenshot of the news
[Obrazek: HafuC5n.png]
News comes from forum, which was moderated also by GMs and CIP members (Knightmare)

Spoiler: Modification of the temple
[Obrazek: N7FoH2J.png]

Spoiler: Modification of respawn in rotworm cave

[Obrazek: khgQ2nv.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: gPGY3Wq.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: PuNL4FF.gif]

In the beginning, there were rotworms living on the first floor below the graves, leading to katana quest.
During the update to version 6.0 or previous ones, they were replaced with spiders.

[Obrazek: khhTVkh.png]

03.11.2000 - Tibia 6.0
- Tibia server was moved from university of Passau to platform
- website design was modified
- anti-multi-client mechanism was implemented
- number of ignored players became infinite
- new sprites of monsters, equipment, every day items, rocks, cave walls, other objects (by Mantus) and plants (by King Crimson) were created
- studded shield [Obrazek: 9uzvCuE.gif] quest was implemented

Spoiler: Modification of the locations
Vocation rooms before existance of the Oracle
[Obrazek: 22xhnXQ.gif] Paladin[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: qbHJpcl.gif] Knight[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: YKj1ZBJ.gif] Druid[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: ff4VHkD.gif] Sorcerer

[Obrazek: KTZgvZs.png]


[Obrazek: BkKwEUU.png]

Trade room

[Obrazek: FUds1zw.png]
Sorerer, visible on the right screenshot was one of the game creators.
Having a vocation on Rookgaard was never possible for regular players.

Minotaur Hell

[Obrazek: jxylYrp.png]
Carlin sword [Obrazek: HaXjupX.gif] will be possible to obtain from the quest after creation of Carlin in year 2001.
Spoiler: Modification of the statistics panel
[Obrazek: 8qlr7Z7.png]
Spoiler: Modification of the monsters
[Obrazek: TEE0YWR.gif][Obrazek: UAucFzJ.gif] deer[Obrazek: QnHejaZ.gif][Obrazek: QnHejaZ.gif][Obrazek: 92LKUFV.gif] wolf[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: rr5bveq.gif][Obrazek: EeLXrZk.gif] troll[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 0qg32A3.gif][Obrazek: PuNL4FF.gif] poison spider
[Obrazek: 2ME17K2.gif][Obrazek: EZAf1lj.gif] skeleton[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: TwbTscL.gif][Obrazek: AKLwRx9.gif] bear[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: LHStxGV.gif][Obrazek: Yn9sqJe.gif] ghoul

[Obrazek: e5TcST1.gif][Obrazek: fKJhD44.gif] dead dragon
Spoiler: Modification of the plants

[Obrazek: AG2nQk3.gif][Obrazek: 5PaL2vn.gif] plum tree[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: h7rApWc.gif][Obrazek: W85WTQ5.gif] fir tree[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: JMYm24Q.gif][Obrazek: qWzwzOu.gif] willow tree

[Obrazek: LMDhrv4.gif][Obrazek: gJ4NUAE.gif] indoor plant[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 7sZU4Yc.gif][Obrazek: Lupxy8n.gif] small fir tree[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: HGQbrVB.gif][Obrazek: 12l8Z5W.gif] bush

Blueberry bush [Obrazek: CXqC1r2.gif] will be implemented in year 2002 or 2003.

Swamp plants
Water plants did not have individual names, each one was named "swamp plant".

[Obrazek: kKEsoUo.gif][Obrazek: itNDVJl.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: RJE0zvq.gif][Obrazek: 8aUSC9k.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 9uuOQ8i.gif][Obrazek: cFxc1mC.gif]

[Obrazek: XAgUFju.gif][Obrazek: 0iosHwm.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: bvFjNTK.gif][Obrazek: CKfarbX.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: BPmsocy.gif][Obrazek: 30v3UWB.gif]

[Obrazek: mxfoz2C.gif][Obrazek: xw7BLwZ.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: bYrjv2O.gif][Obrazek: NlpQ2uV.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: o9eFkzn.gif][Obrazek: oa7CuEz.gif]


[Obrazek: iwFodka.gif][Obrazek: W5nA81E.gif] moon flower [Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: FA5Dg9q.gif][Obrazek: pKui6tw.gif] heaven blossom

New plants

[Obrazek: LQYNEeC.gif] banana palm[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: T5AUUVa.gif] yellow maple[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: UpJav8a.gif] dwarf tree

[Obrazek: cPn9RGb.gif] poplar[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: AEwcnHB.gif] beech[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: H4yAmE5.gif] sycamore[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 8hrld1J.gif] pear tree

[Obrazek: ueIjEP9.gif] white flower [Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: zH8a7CH.gif] shadow plant[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 4npIvfu.gif] branch
Spoiler: Modification of the rocks
Most of the boulders and stones probably did not have individual names.

[Obrazek: MJqZXCJ.gif][Obrazek: mvTquzD.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: zHkTYmV.gif][Obrazek: EZg7i5C.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 8fHnBD0.gif][Obrazek: tDxoyZr.gif]


[Obrazek: TvoSj8t.gif][Obrazek: 9gocoTJ.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: gQLVtb2.gif][Obrazek: ZjBmSRJ.gif]

[Obrazek: qRtrIu1.gif][Obrazek: qDL6Ap0.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: iLD9vf5.gif][Obrazek: ox5ZZt2.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: RdqBE54.gif][Obrazek: l3lsnjk.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Ydox2gk.gif][Obrazek: P7QDvDQ.gif]

New rocks

[Obrazek: H2XpueR.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: F9SGlXa.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: HEJRDfA.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: s6hDbUf.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 22xhnXQ.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: lokjIxR.gif]
Spoiler: Modification of the items

[Obrazek: 0JKtHc7.gif][Obrazek: eCCdNIC.gif] leather helmet [Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: jIWa2yv.gif][Obrazek: pfmwVhE.gif] chain helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: J0XozJ4.gif][Obrazek: SqWYpLy.gif] viking helmet


[Obrazek: M3zbwBk.gif][Obrazek: dlQQQ5Y.gif] jacket[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: NrbdAek.gif][Obrazek: Cik5Ozb.gif] coat[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: C8l7G4V.gif][Obrazek: KL6sAVn.gif] leather armor[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: mtZQAmS.gif][Obrazek: BLph40d.gif] chain armor


[Obrazek: elFJP5X.gif][Obrazek: nRh1QGF.gif] leather legs


[Obrazek: ZpUdXuw.gif][Obrazek: zxqsrTU.gif] leather boots


[Obrazek: hRtpEyG.gif][Obrazek: Kx5Kv4W.gif] wooden shield[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: MjTWVxw.gif][Obrazek: zQzTMUW.gif] plate shield


[Obrazek: h92GwAH.gif][Obrazek: zoO30LS.gif] rapier[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: JqcwTnc.gif][Obrazek: mwEfaz6.gif] sabre


[Obrazek: vBcerq1.gif][Obrazek: Oymqepu.gif] club[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: ns1j1Tx.gif][Obrazek: l1QvGCG.gif] scythe[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: FuXhaKq.gif][Obrazek: 7KnTwRy.gif] mace


[Obrazek: JdbMgz3.gif][Obrazek: iYllBS0.gif] axe[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: VrFID03.gif][Obrazek: xm35SiF.gif] hatchet

Distance weapons

[Obrazek: rTzvID2.gif][Obrazek: UQMXCEg.gif] bow[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: P5LoqLV.gif][Obrazek: YTcjwC6.gif] arrow[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: hy0NUJv.gif][Obrazek: CdfkhRC.gif] poison arrow

Tools and every day items

[Obrazek: C66ZjF6.gif][Obrazek: SWGn3n7.gif] rope[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: z1Jb9MP.gif][Obrazek: ubQlHp5.gif] shovel[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: CH3HHeP.gif][Obrazek: fQX9gE9.gif] fishing rod[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: RUFQRMT.gif][Obrazek: X9aE4Nr.gif] silver key

[Obrazek: XEe6tYt.gif][Obrazek: aT8ffFs.gif] book[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Iy2PkRe.gif][Obrazek: cZQAnqD.gif] Amber's notebook[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: WPm1UGD.gif][Obrazek: AYglrfG.gif] gold pieces


[Obrazek: tslBoqQ.gif][Obrazek: cJRCdMl.gif] ham[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: NHwnTaZ.gif][Obrazek: sptwV8K.gif] meat[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: ZK7gPnL.gif][Obrazek: bwhfXFK.gif] fish

[Obrazek: rmGHFbI.gif][Obrazek: MjxRQMX.gif] cheese[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: AKW3jv8.gif][Obrazek: sms0or3.gif] bread[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: tHdc1pM.gif][Obrazek: u3srePC.gif] red apple


[Obrazek: EN0kXpZ.gif][Obrazek: 9ozplfy.gif] bag[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Xfvo3db.gif][Obrazek: Bmy8AfM.gif] backpack[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: VtvBOPa.gif][Obrazek: Kk1kFrm.gif] box

[Obrazek: 4nCQQby.gif][Obrazek: FwkHVOg.gif] crate[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Dyz4SwO.gif][Obrazek: Q8T7zHV.gif] chest[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Y8rMyEh.gif][Obrazek: mfHlL4Y.gif] barrel[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: j062sJg.gif][Obrazek: GG5Bhgb.gif] drawer

[Obrazek: Sgh1Z9M.gif][Obrazek: 67WGHK8.gif] vial[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: FQMZ6Df.gif][Obrazek: 1rKGLs5.gif] pot[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: qB8tcQi.gif][Obrazek: KOQO3QD.gif] amphora[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: a9XbGiY.gif][Obrazek: rB8pD4Z.gif] trough

New food

[Obrazek: kbbHsqf.gif] banana
Spoiler: Modification of other objects
[Obrazek: ssY8O8M.gif][Obrazek: kgNCclI.gif] bookcase[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: EHABN3p.gif] [Obrazek: QRCTgvs.gif] dustbin[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Yh8VXeL.gif][Obrazek: ZpSyigY.gif] bed

[Obrazek: wD4SeX2.gif][Obrazek: rALKUcH.gif] chair[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: eGNCqcd.gif][Obrazek: 2fWX6rO.gif] small table[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: J0latuS.gif][Obrazek: FTI5zjf.gif] cask

[Obrazek: q8AvICm.gif][Obrazek: ggpdWCb.gif] oven[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: bu7DHfl.gif][Obrazek: SrOyCru.gif] anvil[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: IjvzcY1.gif][Obrazek: 0I5VSr0.gif] draw well

Other objects

[Obrazek: Ak715Ji.png][Obrazek: pBZGDqq.gif] marble pillar[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: ypMZkyD.gif] [Obrazek: vykBHpV.gif] street lamp

[Obrazek: jLgxumM.gif][Obrazek: qbHJpcl.gif] knight statue[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 2qjsPrB.gif][Obrazek: jGqKSj9.gif] sign[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Yx6MTYU.gif][Obrazek: 0Kboxpz.gif] sewer gate

[Obrazek: PlWmOOt.gif][Obrazek: 2k3uqRi.gif]coal basin[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: X2wINs2.gif][Obrazek: ff4VHkD.gif] fire[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: T9InuuD.gif][Obrazek: dahTuTJ.gif] poison gas
Spoiler: New welcome window
[Obrazek: RgSYkrs.png]
Spoiler: New design of the website (then
[Obrazek: WFSxYEt.png]

??.??.2000 - Tibia 6.0+
Spoiler: As a result of a bug, transfering mainland items on Rookgaard became possible
During server resets (caused by server crashes), characters which went on mainland after the server save and before the crash, came back on Rookgaard. What is strange - their inventory was not reset to the last save.

[Obrazek: JFSQUn9.png]

There were secondary saves (for instance every hour), which occured after logging the character out - which CIP encouraged to do. It is possible, that this save collected only the item data, to prevent inventory loss during the frequent crashes.

[Obrazek: veeJGzR.png]


10:00 - main server save (saving player's location, skills and items), player is on Rookgaard

10:15 - player goes on mainland and puts on a knight armor

11:00 - secondary item save - new data overwrites the old data from the previous save, when the player wore beginner equiplemt

11:15 - server crashes

11:30 - server is reset to the last main save (10:00) and last item save (11:00), the player is logging in on Rookgaard with the knight armor on

Every screenshot with the illegaly obtained items were takes on version 6.0 or newer, so most probably the bug occured during the major update of that version or following ones.

Possession ot the illegal items was punishable by account deletion in the worst case, therefore it was kept in a secret.

[Obrazek: wg1ehij.gif]
Gamemaster collecting an illgaly obtained scimitar

Some of the illegaly transfered items:

[Obrazek: T6aBYMd.gif] fire sword[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: VeyFd53.gif] spike sword[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: tCXLE68.gif]scimitar[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Z8jnw0d.gif] double axe

[Obrazek: glTyXbQ.gif] guardian shield[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 3v8t7r6.gif] dark helmet[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Y5ikBDp.gif] knight armor[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: epUJByk.gif] knight legs

[Obrazek: B8raDot.gif] ultimate healing rune[Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: y93ilzh.gif] heavy magic missle rune

[Obrazek: twaAYnE.jpg]

- online player limit was increased to 300
- respawn rate was changed to correspond to the number of online players

Record of 300 online players was reached

Tibia rules were updated

Poll system on the forum was introduced

Tibia server was moved from platform to

Spoiler: Introduction of the "Lag-o-meter
[Obrazek: cWFTBBR.png]

Continuation in the 2nd post.

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RE: Chronology of Rookgaard (1997 - 2000) [english version]
23.12.2000 - Tibia 6.1
Spoiler: West island, Al Dee's building and sheep farm were created
[Obrazek: urxZvIS.png]

1. Orc tower.
Spoiler: 2. Place of future wasp tower.
Wasp [Obrazek: WYkqpCx.gif] tower will be introduced in year 2001. Before that, there was just a shallow cave with some spiders.
3. Big troll tower.
4. Small troll tower.
5. Poison spider cave.
6. Spider tower and cave (PSC will be moved there in 2011)
Spoiler: 7. Sheep farm.
[Obrazek: peObrfS.png]

Trolls have entered the town, stealing various items and sheeps to their tower. They have written this information in broken english on a scroll.

[Obrazek: Fpmwzgl.gif]

Huv stollan match stuf from humutown. But never wull fund us.
Spoiler: 8. Al Dee
Name Al Dee most probably reffers to a german store chain "Aldi" (identical pronunciation), similarly to other future NPC names on Rookgaard.

[Obrazek: 2GVYIyB.gif]

Spoiler: The murder of Edee K. by Al Dee
Edee K. - a tool salesman, killed with premeditation by Al Dee.
Edee K. (fictional character that was never seen on by platers) was a competition for Al Dee's buisness, which led to his death (stabbing) - which was presumed an accident.

Name of the merchant comes from an old player from mainland - Edward K. It's probable that he used to be a Gamemaster.

[Obrazek: 9lOqDIP.jpg]
Screenshot was taken on the mainland.
Spoiler: Pushing players into teleports/holes became impossible
Before that update players could be pushed into vocation teleports, which was the biggest risk for every AFK'ing Rookstayer.

[Obrazek: 02Z6B9w.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: Kg0CNZt.gif][Obrazek: gbufQQT.gif][Obrazek: 02Z6B9w.gif]

First scientist, working on creating teleports on Rookgaard was Arkanor, who died during a teleportation.

[Obrazek: tN73tSI.png]

- trashed ladder is no longer disappearing
- snakes [Obrazek: UMxfOpN.gif], poison spiders [Obrazek: PuNL4FF.gif] and wasps [Obrazek: KfaPxMG.gif] became poisonous [Obrazek: QTzR3TP.gif]

New monsters:
[Obrazek: KfaPxMG.gif] wasp
[Obrazek: 8yDaPBQ.gif] sheep

New items:
[Obrazek: iMmmM71.gif] platinum coin
[Obrazek: L5JrI9l.gif] spike sword (niedostępny)

Spoiler: Aerial view of the town
[Obrazek: O6uxyFJ.png]
Spoiler: Acquiring of the platinum coins
First method of getting platinum coins [Obrazek: iMmmM71.gif], was selling acquired items of 100 gp value to a vendor (e.g. 4x hatchet [Obrazek: xm35SiF.gif])

[Obrazek: sonw0gU.png]

Changing pure gold [Obrazek: ueCC3fn.gif] into platinum was expensive, it consisted in buying 25 hand axes [Obrazek: wXsY5Od.gif] from the vendor and selling them back for an equivalent of 100 gold, which was received in a for of 1 platinum coin.
That method was used until year 2006, when bank system was introduced.

GP -> GC

The name of the "gold pieces" (abbreviation "GP" - which is used to this day) was changed to "gold coins" probably along with the introduction of new platinum coins.
Spoiler: Lighthouse
Mountain at the edge of the island functions as a lighthouse. It was possible to learn from a scroll of a minotaur on a duty there (by the command of the minotaur mage).

[Obrazek: dyCZBRD.gif]

Still no sign of a ship yet. Even though I am looking out since days, now.
Never again will I swear in the presence of the holy mage, in order to avoid such duties in the future.

[Obrazek: rKeHxwR.gif]

As a result of a bug during the 7.0 update, the content of the scroll will be distorted (??Ü???eg3), resulting in deleting it from the game.

[Obrazek: t2WwXxy.png]
Screenshot taken by Qwerty (Tibia Favicon Marmayon) shortly after 7.0 update
Spoiler: Sword of Fury
Before moving to the main continent, Avar Tar leaves the sword of fury [Obrazek: L5JrI9l.gif] on the island.

Player: Sword of fury.
Avar Tar: Ah, my trusty old sword. I left it on Rookgaard years ago when I left for the main continent.

[Obrazek: UuQrwnj.png]

The only other known owner of the spike sword is Dallheim.
It was possible to learn from him, but the dialog was removed in the following years.

Player: Weapon.
Dallheim: With my spikesword I slice even a cyclops in pieces.

[Obrazek: XTjNJkf.png]

"The easiest way of getting the sword of fury is to bribe a CIP member to teleport there and get it for you. I heared they love pizza ;o)."
- Knightmare

[Obrazek: nSFNZYb.gif]

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